`Tay (PADI Member No. 466592) and PADI Master Instructor Jeffree Shahrizal (PADI Member No. 466593). Our PADI Dive Centre No. S-6783 is established  and located on Air Batang Beach (or ABC) on the beautiful island of Tioman, Malaysia (www.eco-divers.net).
We love and respect the underwater world and try to educate others to this same end .
The oceans cover more than 70% of the earth`s surfaces. Ours is truly a water planet. Coral reefs make up less than 1% of this area and is home to 25% of marine life, yet, scientists predict 30% of reefs are already damaged and this percentage is slowly growing. We as divers are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the splendour of our coral reefs today. Will the coral reefs of the world still be there for our children or for our children`s children?
Please learn to respect the ocean and its inhabitants. All life on earth is interconnected...
http://www.mcsuk.org (UK Marine Conservation Society)
http://www.idcthailand.net. - PADI IDC on Koh Samui, Thailand